Super Regional Centers for lease in Eugene Oregon

Eugene Super Regional Shopping Centers for lease

Eugene property

The Eugene Super-Regional Center is the largest classification of a shopping center. It's usually an enclosed mall larger than 800,000 square feet with more than 100 stores. The total floor area of any Eugene shopping center or mall is inevitably larger than the gross leaseable area. The difference in the Eugene mall can be accounted for by offices, interior plazas, and other non-revenue producing spaces.

A super regional center is typically larger than the average Eugene mall with as much as 800,000 sq. ft. of gross leasable space. Besides retailers, merchants, entertainment venues, food courts and restaurants, there is also commercial space available such as small offices. The Eugene super regional center is often located in urban commercial areas such as Eugene industrial parks with lots of parking, plenty of access roads, and serves as a major shopping hub in its region.

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