Gordon (AL) Cold Storage Refrigeration buildings for lease

Refrigerated Property Leases, Cimate Controlled Cold Storage space for rent

Gordon cold storage building for lease, Refrigerated buildings to rent

Since most large scale refrigeration facilities rely on ammonia, Gordon cold storage facility lessees need to take into account the global effect an accidental large ammonia release can have on their Gordon business. Things to consider include inadequate insurance and interruption of business.

Leasing Gordon cold storage or refrigerator/freezer units is cost-saving decision you and your company can make. Even if you have cold storage on your Gordon premises, expanding the space can be a costly and timely expense. By leasing, your company will obtain needed space with little added expense (compared to purchasing in Gordon) in less time and with little interruption to business operations. Lease terms and maintenance conditions should be carefully negotiated prior to signing contracts.

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