Abbeville (AL) Power Center Space For lease

Anchor Space for lease, Retai Shopping

Abbeville commercial real estate for lease.

Abbeville Power center mall: centers comprising of different types of shopping outlets and retail shops which may be available for lease or for sale, such as Abbeville discount retailers, clothing stores, and footwear. Designs vary from themes such as the old style main street to the Abbeville conventional strip plaza.

A power center Abbeville mall has up to 600,000 square feet of gross space. Mixed retail will ensure a mall gets traffic both local and passing through visitors. Abbeville anchor tenants, clothing boutiques, accessories shops, formal wear, fashion chain shops, electronic stores, movie cinema, food courts, and hair salons are popular choices for Abbeville mall goers, without variety business will stagnate. Type of use may be restricted by landowner.

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