Condominium Apartment Building for Lease in Abbeville (AL)

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Abbeville (AL) commercial apartment / condominium building for lease, Abbeville commercial real estate for lease or rent

A Abbeville apartment or condominium building for lease may be available from an owner in Abbeville who doesn't want to sell because of tax reasons, and doesn't want the continued responsibility of day to day running the operation. Understand the motivation of the Abbeville owner and make sure the numbers work.

If you've been interested in going into Abbeville investment property, you may be able to lease a Abbeville apartment or condo building and take over management. Some Abbeville owners are unable to sell for various reasons and you can avoid high interests rates, bank loans that require high down payments and lease the Abbeville property directly from the owner while enjoying the investment income with little to no risks and lower up front costs.

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