Warehouse Space for Lease in Tacoma (WA)

Warehousing - Tacoma Warehouses to rent

Tacoma commercial property for lease - warehouse space for lease

Tacoma warehouse properties include mini / self storage buildings, office warehouse building, freestanding property, merchandise, and climate controlled.

Tacoma warehouses will differ in the types of layout and space available. Typically space is designed with easy circulation paths for fork lifts and material handling and with higher bays.

Not all Tacoma warehouses must be used for storage space. Repurpose a warehouse for your community’s needs. You can open an indoor swap-meet or farmers market. In some urban areas, old brick warehouses have been repurposed for apartments, offices, medical centers, trendy boutiques, antique shops or swanky restaurants. Plans should be discussed in full with the owner of the Tacoma warehouse, if it involves major changes to the building.


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