Tacoma (WA) Truck Terminal for Lease

Tacoma Truck terminals, Transport Hub,

Tacoma Truck Terminal for lease, including Hubs and Transit Terminals

Truck terminals are buildings or designated spaces where goods and other freight are brought in by transport. The products brought in may be stored in warehousing, assembled, or transferred for re-routing to other destinations by motor truck.

Materials or goods may range from refrigerated food to general merchandise.

Transportation hubs such as bus terminals/stations, railway/train stations and metro stations can be leased to experienced and capable tenants. These Tacoma properties may be under zoning restrictions making repurposing limited to commercial types of use only, depending on local by-laws. Tacoma truck terminals may come equipped with machinery for freight loading and unloading. These terminals are located near seaports, airports, and along major interstate highways.


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