Tacoma (WA) Truck Terminal for Lease

Tacoma Truck terminals, Transport Hub,

Tacoma Truck Terminal for lease, including Hubs and Transit Terminals

Local governments may have special requirements for the location of Tacoma truck terminals and designated routes for accommodating STAA traffic (A STAA transport truck is a truck with a semi trailer of approximately forty eight plus feet). Refer to the local Tacoma government agencies for approved routes and detailed information.

Tacoma truck terminals are often used to unload freight for transportation via train, sea or air, for storage or re-routing. The facilities may be repurposed for office space or Tacoma warehouse storage, but further research regarding zoning by-laws will need to be done. Transportation hubs include train stations, railway or metro stations, bus stations or any other passenger related Tacoma transportation. Requirements for maintenance of property and grounds by local authorities may be applicable.

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