Themed / Festival Center For Lease in Tacoma (WA)

Tacoma Parks and Marketplaces

Tacoma Theme Festival / Marketplace Center for lease or to rent

Themed Festival-Marketplaces with shops, generally combine shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing

Many of these types of Theme centers are converted from, or part of, older historic buildings, and are primarily designed to appeal to tourists as well as locals. The overall concept typically reflects part mixed use.

Ingenious and fruitful Tacoma theme/festival centers have been known to attract visitors far and wide. Special holiday events can bring in revenue to an otherwise struggling town with its rare and uncommon attractions. Whether the community is tying in one of its shared agriculture (wine) or culture (German, Dutch) it unifies its residents and Tacoma business owners while being solitary enough to attract tourists and visitors.


Vaughn - Vaughn commercial property (Pierce)
Wauna - Wauna commercial property (Pierce)
Wilkeson - Wilkeson commercial property (Pierce)
Longmire - Longmire for lease (Pierce)
Paradise Inn - Paradise Inn for lease (Pierce)
Malone - Malone industrial buildings for sublease or rent (Grays Harbor)
Mccleary - Mccleary industrial building for lease (Grays Harbor)