Theme / Festival Center For Lease in Tacoma (WA)

Tacoma Parks and Marketplaces

Tacoma Theme Festival / Marketplace Center for lease or to rent

Themed Festival-Marketplaces with shops, generally combine shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing

As the name implies, theme centers are based on a theme that is universal between the shops and outlets throughout. The design and architecture of the center together with much of the merchandise is generally aimed at tourists.


Vaughn - Vaughn commercial property (Pierce)
Wauna - Wauna commercial property (Pierce)
Wilkeson - Wilkeson commercial property (Pierce)
Longmire - Longmire for lease (Pierce)
Paradise Inn - Paradise Inn for lease (Pierce)
Curtis - Curtis industrial buildings for sublease or rent (Lewis)
Centralia - Centralia industrial building for lease (Lewis)
Cinebar - Cinebar industrial real estate leases (Lewis)
Ethel - Ethel real estate leases (Lewis)