Condominium Apartment Building for Lease in Tacoma (WA)

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Tacoma (WA) commercial apartment / condominium building for lease, Tacoma commercial real estate for lease or rent

A Tacoma apartment or condominium building for lease may be available from an owner who doesn’t want to sell because of tax reasons, and doesn’t want the continued responsibility of day to day running the operation. Understand the motivation of the owner and make sure the numbers work.

Leasing an apartment building can help you achieve your dreams of obtaining investment property earlier if you are lacking the immense up-front costs it takes, e.g. down payment and closing costs. However, you should be careful and research the Tacoma property is free of any bank liens. Have a competent Tacoma attorney draft the contract to ensure your interests are protected and your investment intact if the owner dies, disappears, or files bankruptcy.


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