Houston (TX) Bars, Nightclubs for lease

Houston Bar, Night club, to rent

Houston bar / nightclub leases.

Easy access and location are important in today's markets! Get the best deals from real estate agents, brokers, and real property owners for a bar / nightclubs, wine bar, etc for either lease or rent.

Restrictions may apply in different areas as to the types of alcohol establishments may serve and where a bar may be located.


Wall - Wall real estate (Tom Green)
Bronte - Bronte real estate (Coke)
Knickerbocker - Knickerbocker property for lease (Tom Green)
Onalaska - Onalaska real estate (Polk)
Cleveland - Cleveland property for lease (Liberty)
Brookshire - Brookshire commercial building to lease (Waller)
Bay City - Bay City commercial real estate (Matagorda)
Eagle Lake - Eagle Lake industrial buildings sublease (Colorado)
Cedar Lane - Cedar Lane bars / Nightclub building (Matagorda)
Collegeport - Collegeport commercial property for lease (Matagorda)
Cypress - Cypress bars / nightclub buildings (Harris)
Bellville - Bellville commercial property to sublet / lease (Austin)