Restaurant Space for Lease in Westerly (RI)

Restaurant for Rent in Westerly

Restaurants for lease in Westerly. Restaurant commercial Lease and Sublease Properties in Westerly:

A range of property types including properties leased and with a current business that has been established. Types of business can vary from a Chinese take-away in a small Westerly suburban area to an inner city specialty cuisine with fine dining. Many properties can be vacant.

Whether you are first time Westerly entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, leasing your premises has many benefits versus buying Westerly commercial property. Lower startup costs for example, your landlord may require a deposit, but it's still lower than a 10 to 20% downpayment. Some other benefits include minimum upkeep costs, no Westerly property taxes, and any major building and grounds repair is paid by the landlord. Some equipment and furniture may be included with the Westerly property.

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