Palo Verde (CA) Power Center Space For lease

Anchor Space for lease, Retai Shopping

Palo Verde commercial real estate for lease.

Palo Verde Power Center mall: shopping centers containing several category stores which may be available to lease or purchase, such as home-improvements, toys, discount department, and stationary. They are similar to the traditional Palo Verde shopping mall but are designed for the access of vehicles rather than foot traffic.

Palo Verde power centers are usually 250,000 to 600,000 square feet of enclosed retail space with common parking area. Tenants may vary from retail shops to small offices. Busy Palo Verde malls often keep a variety of retail tenants such as salons, restaurants, theater, high fashion & affordable apparel boutiques, chain stores, Palo Verde independent shops, book stores, coffee shops, cafes, anchor tenants, and kiosks. Lease contracts should be consult with attorney prior to signing.

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